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The Company Presents is a registered charity and we are actively seeking financial support from all possible areas in order to make plans for next year. However you feel, you might be able to help us we look forward to welcoming you to our new venture which celebrates the past with excitement for the future.

Our Angels Scheme offers a practical way in which you could support our Shakespeare projects. Creating a theatre production is a little like planting a garden from seed. You start with an empty site and slowly you introduce the necessary elements. You choose, you sow, you nurture. As time progresses, you may need to do some judicious pruning. You may occasionally re-plant to fill areas you hadn’t originally thought of. For a while nothing seems to happen or every day is fraught with problems. But then as the first shoot rears through the ground, you get hugely excited. And eventually, after much time and effort and not a little heartache, the colour, the variety and the beauty of your creation is there not only for you to see, but for you to share with others.

Our collective experience in presenting Shakespeare plays has enabled us to find ‘gardeners’ of sensitivity, panache and expertise, be they directors, designers, actors, musicians, community players or set builders. It is an extraordinary and invigorating process and we would like to share it with you. We invite you to be involved with our next Shakespeare production from the outset. As one of SHAKESPEARE’S ANGELS, you could be involved in early discussions with the director and watch his work in other theatres. You could tour nationally renowned costume stores as we select costumes for the production. You could sit alongside our composer as he or she creates music that enhances not only this production but is absolutely right for our outdoor setting. And, of course, you can join in the First Night and Last Night Parties – and maybe even the production on tour!)

In the commercial theatre (which we are definitely NOT!), ‘angels’ are the investors in the production whose initial financial stake may, in time, generate financial rewards if the show is successful. We are not in a position to offer those rewards – yet. But we like the image of a select group of ‘guardian angels’ whose watchful eye will help us turn our early ideas into a stunning and memorable production. We want to keep Shakespeare’s Angels limited in number and know that we can offer a unique insight into how our Shakespeare productions are put together. We would welcome your involvement at every stage - please join us!.

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